• Membership

    Swiftwater Training, Jamaica

    The IRIA is a membership based, instructor driven, professional organization.

    There are two membership levels, Professional and Associate.  Membership fees, for both, cover the calendar year in which they are paid.

    Membership is renewed annually, one calender after the initial membership date.

    Notice will be sent automatically and must be paid within 30 days.

    As part of our quality assurance protocols, members who choose not to renew, will be asked to fill out an “exit questionnaire” to help us adjust our services for our members.

    Professional Members and Accredited Organizations must abide by the  Confidentiality Agreement, in addition to the IRIA Code of Conduct and follow the IRIA Policy and Procedures.

    Associates will agree to follow the IRIA Code of Conduct and the IRIA Policy and Procedures.

    Your personal information is collected only for the express purpose of establishing the professional credibility and level of participation expected of the applicant, as critical factors in joining and maintaining an active membership in the IRIA.