• Membership Types

    Surf Rescue Training, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

    Professional Members are Certified or Accredited either by the IRIA or through an equivalent standard by an accepted, equivalent Standards organization.

    Associate members include those who are generally in the process of becoming Professional Members or are IRIA client organizations who want to be able to keep up to date with the current standards.


    • Professional (IRIA Certified Instructor) MemberUS$39,  Listed
    • Professional (IRIA Certified Instructor) Member US$39,  Non-listed
    • Associate (Non-Certified) Member US$89,  Listed
    • Associate (Non-Certified) Member US$89,   Non-listed


    • Professional Accredited (IRIA) Organization US$99,  Listed
    • Professional Accredited (IRIA) Organization US$99,  Non-listed
    • Associate Non-Accredited Organization US$199,   Listed
    • Associate Non-Accredited Organization US$199,  Non-listed