• Register – The Process

    Introduction:  Please carefully follow the steps below to ensure your application can be processed as quickly as possible. Carefully read and understand the requirements and responsibilities of IRIA membership. 

    SECTION 1: Membership Application and Approval Process

    1. Draft a cover letter regarding;

    • The entity that you represent or are part of (i.e. Government or Non-Government Agency, Companies, Institutions, Organizations, Groups, Training Providers, etc.)
    • Your expected contribution to the IRIA (excluding the membership fees which are used wholly to maintain the website).
    • If you are a completely non-affiliated individual please specify that fact on your personal cover letter and include your primary personal interest in joining.

    2. Submit a detailed resume. Enclose scanned copies (PDF, etc.) of all relevant supplemental information including (Insure all copies are legible):

    • diplomas / degrees
    • certifications / accreditations, endorsements,
    • your professional specialties and
    • documented working hours in your specialties (excluding on-site / on call hrs and recreational hours, in support of your application).

    3. Submit 2 letters of reference from two (2) IRIA Members. If unable, the applicant must provide letters of reference from 2 other equivalently qualified individuals, and include their respective contact information for verification.

    4. Scan/import the documentation on to your computer and name the file so you can find it. Access the Application form on the drop down icon on this web site and in the required fields on the application form attach the relavent PDF document as instructed on the form.

    5. Remit the appropriate application fee (in US, EU dollars or equivalent convertible national currencies on the attached PayPal Icon. The membership typres are listed below:

    • Individuals:

    I)    Professional (IRIA Certified Instructor) Member: $39 US, $29 EU,  Listed

    II)  Professional (IRIA Certified Instructor) Member: $39 US, $29 EU,  Non-listed

    III) Associate (Non-Certified) Member:  $89 US, $59 EU, Listed

    IV) Associate (Non-Certified) Member   $89 US, $59 EU,  Non-listed


    • Organizations:

    V)    Professional Accredited (IRIA) Organization: $99 US, $75 EU,  Listed

    VI)   Professional Accredited (IRIA) Organization: $99 US, $75 EU,  Non-listed

    VII)  Associate Non-Accredited Organization.$199 US, $149 EU,        Listed

    VIII) Associate Non-Accredited Organization.$199 US, $149 EU         Non-listed

    6. You will be contacted if further information is required.  Once completed, the IRIA Advisory Board will endorse your membership based on the above criteria. A reply Email will be sent to the applicant advising of their status.

    7. Following approval, the candidate will be allowed 30 day access to the IRIA member site based on your type (professional or associate) of membership. The candidate will be required to review the IRIA Code of Conduct and familiarize themselves with IRIA’s Policy and Procedures.  Once completed, the candidate will Email the IRIA Executive Director and advise them that they will accept the IRIA Code of Conduct and have familiarized themselves with IRIA’s Policy and Procedures.

    8. The Executive Director will conduct a follow up phone interview to ensure the candidate has a working knowledge of both the Code of Conduct and the Policy and Procedures and will then confirm or not the formal membership of the candidate.

    9.  If a candidate’s application is not accepted, all monies will be refunded in full and reasons given.