• Certification

    IRIA Certification (Professional Certitification) is defined as a finite, legally recognized process, managed by an independent party, based on the record of court recognized, subject matter (professional) experts, whereby an individual (or a product) meets / attains an objective IRIA Standard (standard of performance) determined by the recognized party.

    It is a formal qualification process which is evaluated by a qualified person who did not teach a specific skill or critical element of a course (or who designs/manufactures a product) and who does not know the specifics of the examination process so he / she cannot teach to the exam process, and where the course participant meets (or not) a quantified, specific, objective, competency based, third party knowledge (written) and skill (practical) based examination criteria regarding a specific subject at a specific time and location.

    Certification has a term, (is valid for a period of time), and has clear re-currency or re-certification criteria.  Only this process meets the legal definition of “Certificationand is considered meaningful, applicable and defendable by a court of law, the ultimate regulator.  As the IRIA certifies instructors, students and equipment IRIA Certification refers to the performance by and endorsement of a person or a product as recorded and confirmed by witness audit, examination, testing and documentation.