Who We Are

Helicopter training, USA

The International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) is comprised of people who have a passion  and commitment to professionalism in a variety of  water safety training disciplines.

Comprised of basic to advanced qualified instructors who provide a variety of training programs for search and rescue, patrol, volunteer work, law enforcement, fire services, lifesaving applications and military operations.

It’s what we doIn real time, in the real environment.


IRIA is an international certifying body for water safety instructors under the Risk Management Matrix®.

IRIA supports instructors teaching independently through a company or public service agency is vetted under International Standards for conformity to present in a classroom setting of their select discipline.

Instructor applicants adhere to compliance measures for participation and are afforded the opportunity to be assessed for professional qualification upon successful course completion.

IRIA is an international auditing body for water safety courses.  Clients provide their own curricula for course approval qualification

Who can be a member of the International Rescue Instructors Association?
We have memberships available for a variety of people, ranging from professional rescue personnel program managers and current educational instructors operating in the Water Safety community.  IRIA offers membership to water safety professionals and companies that are not IRIA certified.

What we are not:

  1.  We do not offer training courses for applicants to teach, we are not a service provider for curricula
  2.  We do not certify students of IRIA qualified instructors. We determine that the IRIA qualified instructor conforms to international standards; and is therefore able to use the IRIA Risk Management Matrix® in their training courses to assess the level of risk and student participation during their qualification period
  3. IRIA does not keep or maintain student records of IRIA qualified programs or instructors.

The culture of trust and openness is the glue of the IRIA membership. Through a common purpose of fact and reason, IRIA members are continuous learners who develop their professional abilities in pursuit of excellence.