Taiwan Business Fraud Against IRIA

In January of 2020 the International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) newly appointed Board of Directors began an investigation against business fraud and counterfeit complaints. The investigation revealed that fraudulent companies and instructors were representing themselves as our organization. They had no permission, nor credentials to act on behalf of IRIA.

They solicited training courses and government contracts and forged IRIA’s instructor and founders signatures on contracts and their student qualifications. The Taiwan government began an internal investigation of their own and determined these accusations were proven legitimate. This sets a precedent for the international water and safety society that instructors and their programs need to be properly credentialed.

This is a life, safety, reputation and public trust issue. We are honored that the Taiwanese fire administration cares deeply and respectively about their personnel.

We believe that the Taiwan Fire Department Administration and Ministry of the Interior have proven to the world their character, quality of their care, service and conduct they place a high value on their personnel and instructor cadre.

We are thankful for their attention to this important matter and due process of reputation protection. We look forward to hearing about the great success of Taiwan’s Fire Rescue personnel. IRIA thanks the NFA for their professionalism and commitment to safety.

IRIA官網公告葉泰興(右下圖)假借IRIA名義,自創未經認證的IRIA ADVISER訓練機構,還與中國官方合辦訓練課程,被列為BUSINESS FRAUD商業詐欺個案。(圖擷取自IRIA官網)2020/10/09 16:32



8月間IRIA在官網發布聲明,公布台灣的葉泰興以IRIA-Asia、IRIA-Adviser等名義,發出偽造的IRIA證書,構成BUSINESS FRAUD商業詐欺,事發後,消防署第一時間立刻暫停葉泰興講師資格,歷經一個月調查,消防署在6日發函給全國消防單位,明文指出葉泰興未經消防署及IRIA的同意與授權,製發證書、證件以及紀念品,確有不當,即日起解除葉擔任消防署急流救生教材編輯委員會召集人、執行委員會副召集人以及授課教官資格。



RIA official website announced that Ye Taixing (pictured below right) under the guise of IRIA, created an uncertified IRIA ADVISER training institution, and also organized training courses jointly with Chinese officials, which was listed as a case of BUSINESS FRAUD business fraud. (The picture is taken from the IRIA official website)

2020/10/09 16:32
[Reporter Wu Renjie / Xinbei Report] Ye Taixing, who was named the godfather of search and rescue in Taiwan, was recently accused by the International Rescue Instructor Association (IRIA) for issuing training certificates to tens of thousands of firefighters in Taiwan under false pretence. He also claimed to be a lecturer qualification in the International Rescue Coach Association. After a month’s investigation by the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior, and checked with IRIA across the sea, it was confirmed that Ye Taixing was involved in the forgery of the rapids search and rescue certificate. The fire department used to influence and harm the professional training of fire and disaster relief. It accused Ye Taixing of fraud and forged documents. Strictly review the selection of teaching instructors to maintain the quality of rescue training.

The IRIA official website announced that Ye Taixing (pictured below right) issued a training certificate under the guise of IRIA and was listed as a business fraud case of BUSINESS FRAUD. (The picture is taken from the IRIA official website)
The IRIA official website announced that Ye Taixing (pictured below right) issued a training certificate under the guise of IRIA and was listed as a business fraud case of BUSINESS FRAUD. (The picture is taken from the IRIA official website)

The fire department said that after investigation, more than 5,000 team members were suspected of having forged and signed certificates (photos) by Ye Taixing. These certificates and photos were issued by the fire department and stamped with IRIA titles. Because they have completed training and passed the test, The training effectiveness and rights and interests will not be affected. As for those who have received rapid-stream life-saving training at the Fire Department Training Center after 100 years, they will all have a license issued by the Fire Department, and there is no doubt about their effectiveness.

In August, IRIA issued a statement on its official website, announcing that Taiwan’s Ye Taixing issued forged IRIA certificates in the name of IRIA-Asia, IRIA-Adviser, etc., which constituted BUSINESS FRAUD business fraud. After the incident, the fire department immediately suspended Ye Taixing’s qualification as a lecturer. After a month’s investigation, the fire department sent a letter to the national fire department on the 6th, stating that Ye Taixing had issued certificates, certificates and souvenirs without the consent and authorization of the fire department and IRIA, and it was indeed improper. Ye will be relieved of his role as the fire department’s rapids. Qualifications for the convener of the life-saving textbook editing committee, deputy convener of the executive committee, and teaching instructor

The Fire Department stated that the training center is responsible for the professional training of firefighters across the country. In the future, for all kinds of rescue-related training, in addition to referring to the internationally effective voluntary consensus norms of advanced countries, it will also integrate Taiwan’s unique topography and landforms, traffic, building structures, and shapes. Set up rescue operation standards that meet domestic needs based on the state and urban characteristics, and systematically promote various basic, advanced, professional and instructor-level training, and then establish rescue technology courses and licenses that are in line with international standards and meet domestic needs Mechanism to continue to guard the safety of people’s lives.

NewRoper in the News

We would like to share a news media story that was published on behalf of NewRopers training they produced in September on behalf of the Guilin Fire Brigade.


桂林消防 桂林消防 4天前

When the dragon enters the water, watch Guilin firefighting “blue friends” ride the wind and waves!

Guilin Fire

为进一步提升全市消防救援队伍水域救援事故处置能力,规范水域救援程序,强化安全作战的技能,桂林市消防救援支队紧紧围绕“紧贴实战、安全为先、科学施训、专业救援”的理念,9月2日至22日,桂林市消防救援支队组建2020年激流(舟艇)安全救援认证培训班,支队党委班子成员及大队主官、消防员共68名专才参加培训。最终,68名参训队员全部通过考核,取得RESCUE CANADA和IRIA颁发的救援资格认证证书

In order to further improve the ability of fire and rescue teams in the waters of the city to handle accidents, standardize the water rescue procedures and strengthen the skills of safety combat, the Guilin City Fire and Rescue Unit is tightly around ′′ close to actual combat, safety first, scientific training and professional rescue ′′ The concept of: From September 2 to 68, Guilin City Fire and Rescue Unit formed a 2020-year training course for the safety and rescue of torrents (boats). Members of the party committee of the detection team and the main officers of the battalion, and firefighters in total Ten professionals attend the training. In the end, all 68 participants passed the appraisal and obtained a certificate of rescue qualification issued by RESCUE CANADA and IRIA

此次培训,由获得RESCUE CANADA和IRIA的认证教练团队负责总体教学工作,为期21天分3期进行轮训。结合桂林实际,提前谋划培训内容,科学制定工作方案,对培训时间、课程设置和后勤保障等工作进行合理安排,确保培训工作顺利进行。

In this training, a team of coaches certified by RESCUE CANADA and IRIA will be responsible for the overall teaching work. The training will be conducted in 3 phases for 21 days. Based on the actual situation in Guilin, plan the training content in advance, formulate the work plan scientifically, and make reasonable arrangements for the training time, course setting and logistics support to ensure the smooth progress of the training.



Gulf Livestock 1 SAR

The International Rescue Instructors Association calls on all our brothers and sisters in the International Water Safety and Rescue Society to join these efforts remotely.

This is called upon as a digital crowd sourcing search and rescue event by colleagues and the general public to source contacts, data and resource direction for the purpose of scanning the waters between Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and Okinawa.

What can you do to help? Visit this page for hourly updates:

You can also visit the group:

You can make a difference no matter where you are by starting up the conversation. Sharing the content and contacting your resources. Great community outreach can be done in the following:

  1. Government maritime search and rescue
  2. Fishery industries
  3. Shipping industry
  4. Aviation and UAV industry
  5. Satellite global industry

Join the SAR team, make a difference. Connect in your community. Visit our page for updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iria.org/

We know these families and the community can count on you.


It is not easy to understand how an instructor or a company can get away with false advertising to mislead prospective clients on false claims, but they are!  

These types of claims are in all industries worldwide, even in the international water safety and rescue society.  That is precisely the reason why the International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) exists – to warn the society about fraud and academic dishonesty and to verify authenticity.

Governments, agencies, students and instructors need to know what to do and how-to identity fraud, counterfeiting and theft.  You need to know what questions to ask and how to verify the credentials of programs and instructors to know 100% that they meet the safe and ethical standards you or your country require.

IRIA itself has been a victim and a target of misleading and false representations using our likeness, name, brand, image and documents, and we are not alone.


Any credible organization or instructor will hold current credentials that verify their position. They will have credible resources available to fact check the inspection of their credentials through an interview process. This is where IRIA comes in! 

IRIA saves you time and concern! IRIA certified providers identify the validation process. This ensures that your program will receive credible support from authorized instructors and course programs that have been scrutinized to the highest degree of industry standards.

It is easy to understand why instructors and program managers want to associate themselves with the IRIA standardization and conformity verification. Upon successful verification they are automatically associated with the promise of premium service, integrity and safety assurance.

Your reputation, funding and representation of a government authority must be discerning with whom you work with. You need to be on alert for false claims to avoid the investigation and harm caused by unverified programs or unsafe processes associated to risk management.

Meeting or exceeding industry standards does not equal to being validated nor certified. Beware of claims, make sure they can be backed up with supporting evidence.


Credible IRIA authorized instructors or programs will be using their unique IRIA assigned badges. This serves as a way to identity the authenticity of the service provider. Their website should have the IRIA badge. Even so, you could be easily duped by a fraud or fake!

Visit the Wake of Shame list of offenders to be aware of frauds!



You can search our website for our enrollment record to verify their authenticity. You can also write to use and inquire.  IRIA can verify the authenticity of your inquiry.


  1. Refusal to provide the proper certification or verification documents. However, you need to follow up with IRIA to make sure they are also not counterfeit!
  2. They may be a false representative of the organization. Verify if their company actually exists. Ask for a copy of their service records and certificates. Ask who their third-party assessor was and contact them for a reference. Do not move forward with any training until you do this.
  3. The fraudster may want you to sign a contract immediately. Use this as a red flag warning.  Fact check their references and speak to the authorizing principles for background confirmation before you sign anything.
  4. If a website is using a hyphen symbol– in its URL its most likely a fake, but not always.  Example:  www.IRIA-US.com  (FAKE!)  A genuine domain most likely has its authentic ID in the domain name, those who are frauds will spoof or copy to use the exact same wording to fool unsuspecting clients by adding a -.

Most importantly do not allow yourself to be duped or manipulated by fakes. It is up to you to research; fact check and do your homework to protect your reputation.  Do not make assumptions, make sure you are conducting a fair, equitable and honest business transaction by investing your attention on key factors of authenticity.

Your role is to protect your reputation from predators.

The only thing that works is honesty. It is up to you to be the enforcer or the victim. Work with a good plan, execute the fact finding exploration based on evidence and then proceed when you are 100% sure that no fraud is present.

Updated 8.28.2020

Please Welcome NewRoper™ IRIA ™ Accredited 2020


International Rescue Instructors Association newest verified member!

Rescue Canada Instructors with Tony in 2019

NewRoper ™ is a training company based in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China that is owned and operated by Mr. 袁春晓 – Yuan Chun Xiao.

Yuan Chun Xiao has a vast knowledge base of boat operations. He has a high level of experience in this area of expertise. 

This means that he has a strong knowledge base regarding the preparation, care, inspection of all rescue equipment. These processes engaged are the merit of success for program management and longevity. 

His verified instructor identification is #IRIA-AS-INST-2-20-10

Yuan Chun Xiao is also the lead instructor for NewRoper™. He was certified and trained by Rescue Canada™ instructors in 2019.  NewRoper™ is teaching the following technical courses:

  • Awareness Swiftwater Level eLearning
  • Swift Water Rescue Level I
  • Swift Water Rescue Level II
  • Boat Operations Level I
  • Boat Operations Level II

NewRoper™ is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management systems.

These water rescue and boating safety courses are delivered as the sole agent in China representing the Rescue Canada™ methodology and instructional quality.  Rescue Canada™ founder is the legendary Jim Lavalley. 

Jim spent developmental time with NewRoper™ during their assessment period in 2020 and appreciates their business attention to safety and providing world class training.

NewRoper is currently in preparation for training instructor adjuncts to carry on the tradition of standardization and best practices to their clients.

We welcome NewRoper™ to the International Rescue Instructors Association membership and wish them great success and safety.

Visit their website and services: https://www.newroper.com/

Academic Transparency

Academic Transparency Begins with Formal Accreditation Processes

Reference: Situation of IRIA fraud, identity theft and forgery.

IRIA is a certification company for instructors, agency or company training courses. IRIA is not a training service provider company.  IRIA can refer credible and verified training companies who have had their curricula audits for ISO and international standard conformity.

HISTORY: Jim’s Segerstrom’s company Global Rescue Group provided the training in Taiwan on behalf of the Taiwan government to train their fire rescue personnel.  His company instructors were IRIA approved to assess students and certify those who successfully completed the courses through Global Rescue Group.

IRIA has never taught courses for first responders, it is a curricula and instructor certifying body. 

Mr. Yeh has it wrong. He does not understand IRIA, nor what the mission, vision and value of the association is. 

IRIA never went to Taiwan to train private instructors or companies, neither did Global Rescue Group.

IRIA in association with Global Rescue Group were fulfilling a training contract directly to the NFA during the course that Mr. Yeh attended.

“Jim Segerstrom never licensed him to work for him for the IRIA. Jim and I had many discussions while in Taiwan about instructors’, states lead IRIA instructor Tom Neville.

Mr. Yeh essentially took advantage of 1 company owned by Jim Segerstrom: Global Rescue Group and 1 Association called: International Rescue Instructors Association also known as International Rescue Instructors Adviser. 

Having good intentions as Mr. Yeh states is not good enough. One must approach business matters in a reasonable and practical manner for all involved especially when it comes to life and safety. This is what protects the parties and those they serve in stewardship of the public trust.

Fact: Instructors for IRIA are critically assessed and documented. Records are maintained throughout a process of determination and service period.

Fact: There are no IRIA instructor records or course approvals in the name of Mr. Yeh.  There is a fraudulent takeover of IRIA for personal gain without written consent or contract terms and conditions. 

There is only one IRIA assessed / approved instructor in China as of 2020 or throughout Asia. COVID-19 travel restrictions have delayed the training of future IRIA instructor/assessors but these plans are still engaged to fulfill these obligations once restrictions are lifted.

Documents were issued with forged signatures of Jim Segerstrom, Jim Lavalley and Tom Neville, with a few other original instructors with the stolen identity of IRIA. 

‘As the co-founder of IRIA along with my dear friend Jim Segerstrom, we never authorized any person in the regions of Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or the USA.  We did not give anyone permission to use our logos, or our Alliance, Association or Adviser. We never authorized any instructors in these regions. I never signed the documents that we have seen. My signature is a forgery on these fake documents.  IRIA did not have an approved instructor in China until training began in 2019 and this is not Peter Yeh or his partners.  Regarding criminal activity; Peter Yeh has taken great license and caused IRIA tremendous harm for our reputation, image and trademarks. He has lied to those who entered into contract negotiations with him believing they were receiving an endorsement of authentic training from IRIA. Our history, my identity was used to secure these contracts, making these agencies also victims of fraud.  Peter Yeh does not, nor has he ever had any authority to represent IRIA in contract negotiations, certification, affiliate licensing or selling merchandise from us. IRIA was never compensated for the use of its image by Peter Yeh and/or his partners. There is not one single record that he can produce that can be considered authentic.” States Jim Lavalley, IRIA Chairman and Rescue Canada owner.

Lead Instructor for Global Rescue Group and IRIA in Taiwan Mr. Tom Neville:

“There is another issue at stake here.  That is problem of the safety and welfare of the students who received inferior training and techniques. 

This places these students and the public they serve in jeopardy.  We have seen via video and pictures the fraud and his instructors have violated numerous safety practices placing the students and those who they serve lives at stake for his profits.

This is exactly why the IRIA exists, to uphold the highest standards and ethics. 

This is what makes him a danger to those he has conned with his counterfeit training and documentation.

Furthermore, the damage to equipment and injuries that may have occurred, he is directly liable for. 

This is some of the worst human behavior I have witnessed, to counterfeit his whole identity and business to appropriate funding for his personal business at the expense of the authentic IRIA.

This behavior is incredulous to me and violates all the ethos we share in our life’s work. 

He needs to be exposed and possibly prosecuted.” States Tom Neville, Mr. Yeh’s original certifying instructor co-ordinator in Taiwan.

IRIA wished to have a discreet return privately of its Intellectual Properties and identity from Mr. Yeh and his associates. The failure here was of Mr. Yeh not honoring that request.  He should have addressed IRIA’s request and this would never have gone public, nor did it need to. This was his sole choice.

IRIA has been honorable in requesting reasonable and understandable returns and not requested monetary compensation for its damages. Which IRIA has every right to do so, but had chosen not to in stewardship of the water safety and rescue society trust.

IRIA is most concerned about the students who received these false credentials. They are innocent. They placed trust in the name of IRIA and spent their money to receive the benefits of their efforts. But the reciprocal benefits must be one built on trust, honor and sacred duty, not to be lied to be instructors or to be misled about the process or history.

IRIA is an all-inclusive organization. IRIA does not discriminate against applicants or members of IRIA.

IRIA members are obliged to respect and honor the rules and regulations of the standards and IRIA’s code of ethics, principles and duties and a code of conduct. This is the way of a professional.

All are welcome to join as a member of their appropriate category.

Be Safe and Be Well

IRIA Safety Wellness

April 1, 2020


Coronavirus Update Pandemic

Hello Colleagues,

It has been nearly a century that the world has faced such a health disaster.  We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the first responders and health care providers who have lost their lives to this viral pandemic.  Their calling is noble and their loss significant. Our condolences to their surviving loved ones.

Like many in our field, we respect the quarantine and the challenges that are being faced.  We recognize that training programs are postponed and agree with this measure for public safety.

As we quarantine we will be closed and re-open for future business when the all clear sign is given.

Until then, we wish you all Godspeed, safety and the best of health.  Stay steady and endure. We will all return stronger and ready to serve.

Best to all




Hello Colleagues, it’s February of 2020 and we would like to share with you where we currently have instructors who are qualified by the International Rescue Instructors Association.

The following nations are supporting select instructors.

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Norway
  4. Chile

As you are aware we are updating our training outreach so we can support additional instructor and program needs worldwide.

Primarily our legacy instructors are from North America and Chile. By adding these new regions we are modernizing our outreach for the further development of your potential.

Our goals are to be operating in the following countries once we complete our IRIA Assessor Training Program translations.

  1. Asia
  2. Australia
  3. Europe
  4. South America

Currently, we do not have any instructors in the Asian or Australian regions. We are working on our translations to other languages, cultures and country of origin rules. It’s a big job to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the IRIA Standards Matrix(r) transfers well across the board.

We know when this important update is completed that we will be able to fulfill those areas with professional and competent instructor candidate and program reviews.

Thanks for believing in the IRIA.

Our founders were first generation water rescue specialists, who wrote the book; because they worked the water, the river, the flood and they dared to share.

Thank you for all the contacts we have been receiving, your interest is a great motivator for us!

IRIA Board

Advisory Board Formation Announcement

We have been putting together our Advisory Board that will serve the regions of South America, Australia, Europe and Asia!

IRIA has 5 regional zones internationally that are currently under revision for updating the IRIA outreach for instructor qualifications and program audits.

IRIA Advisory Board

IRIA Asia Advisory Board

IRIA Australia Advisory Board

IRIA Europe Advisory Board

IRIA South America Advisory Board

We are working hard to bring world class structure to the scrutiny process of the sacred trust invested in the stewardship of instructors who assist, guide, mentor and train the next generation of water rescue specialists.

February 2020 Update

2020 February Progress Update.
Thanks for your contacts we have been receiving, we have met great people from all over the world in 2020! Currently we are restructuring our regions and updating our programs to meet the demand.

We will be opening up registration as soon as we are completed with our regional goals. We appreciate your patience, but the wait will be well worth the results!

Stay Tuned and be safe out there, because safety means danger!

IRIA Board of Directors