As an international and necessarily virtual organization, one of the fundamental operating principles of the IRIA  is Confidentiality.  As we strictly respect the confidential information of our members, in turn our members respect the IRIA’s confidential information.

Confidentiality allows Members to communicate freely on the internal forums.  This is a critical function of the website.  The forums are discussion boards where members can ask questions, assist other members and share collective information.

The Associate Members only site is password protected and accessed. The content is for Associate Members only and is not yet approved for release to the public,   and Associate Members must agree to operate under the Confidentiality Terms in the Code of Conduct.

The Professional Members only site is also password protected and accessed. Professional Members sign a Confidentiality agreement to ensure that the content of projects that are still in development  remain within the working groups.

It is IRIA policy that data, research and other information shared within the IRIA membership remains the property of the IRIA or if copyrighted by the member it remains with the member.  Copyrighted material can only be shared with written permission by the author.  Again this allows the freedom to exchange within the group.

The rule of reciprocity, as it applies to confidentialty between the all members, is in effect irrespective of themembers’ position or membership level.