International Rescue Instructors Association

Welcome Aboard! The purpose of the IRIA is to provide stakeholders with an unbiased system of international standards based on fact and experience.  Our focus is on Instructor performance and industry training leadership.

These objective facts (proven truths) are determined and defined through ongoing, international, evidence based, in depth, gap analysis of actual incidents /accidents and of proven successful protocols, as outlined in the IRIA Risk Management Matrix®.

The IRIA supports all accepted standards and regulatory bodies

Restructuring Announcement

The “International Rescue Instructors Alliance” has changed its organizational structure name to the “International Rescue Instructor Association” (IRIA).  IRIA is now a legal, International, Not-For-Profit Corporation, presently domiciled in Canada.  Over the next 18 months, IRIA will be conducting a fundamental company-wide restructuring in order to enhance the IRIA vision and ability to create value to its members.

Please check in periodically for updates and changes to IRIA.