Too often water safety credentials are used for securing contracts and promoting courses whereas the claims may be bogus, out of date or possibly non-compliant with the data associated with the instructor, reported standards and/or programs.

It is your role to ensure professionalism is maintained by researching the validity of institutional and individual integrity and the supporting records management of the qualification and acceptance practice.

You are the frontline of accident and injury prevention. It begins in the discovery phase of program and instructor services for hire.

The investigative management process that endorses the future integrity and safety of your program and personnel begins with the interview and fact checking of course or client selection.

It is important to verify programs and instructors.

An example of fraudulent claims and programs is located here for your review:

Liability is a significant motivating factor in risk management. It begins at this developmental level.

The selection process of instructor cadre and training programs should be taken as if your life, company, team or agency reputation depends upon it, because it does! The public is reliant upon the safety and efficacy of service providers.

It is imperative that International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) members have transparency, authenticity and are legal in their representation of the Association and its mission, vision, goals and ethics.

  1. Instructor Qualification: qualified level of teaching conformity
  2. Course Approval: qualified to the level of standard conformity


We encourage project managers and agencies who are hosting or seeking the services of water safety courses or instructors to verify and check the credentials for safety and ethics.

If you have an accident or safety complaint you wish to report that you witnessed regarding IRIA qualified members or a listed program, please follow this formal process to open an audit.

Please review our list of service providers here:

To submit a formal request of information please follow these instructions on a word document;

  1. What agency or entity you are representing?
  2. Your contact information
  3. Agency or department information
  4. Company (Instructor) Provider
  5. Reason for request
  6. Inquiry information respectively naming the specific: company or Instructor

Requests will be presented to the regional board and the course-instructor provider, all inquiries are welcome and supported in the spirit of co-operation, confidentiality and ethics.

Please send your formal request to:

Updated: July 7, 2020