International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) programs are about you, the professional water safety instructor or the certifying body.

Information is available to IRIA Associate and Professional members, regarding certification, audits, testing, member benefits, accreditation, and project management.

Risk Management Matrix® is licensed to accredited IRIA members.

In 2021, IRIA will provide a Professional Members’ forum that includes on-line services such as a professional members registry, training records, log book support, discussion papers and resume posting.


  1. Assess and qualify the successful instructor candidates
  2. Assess and issue accreditation to existing water safety courses who successfully match the  Risk Management Matrix® system. Note:  IRIA does not supply instructor or program course content
  3. Membership to appropriate IRIA member levels.
  4. Provide accredited Subject Matter Expertise for audits.