The International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) provides audits to candidate instructors, programs and courses.  The audits are a necessary function of accreditation for conformity compliance.

  1. Instructor
  2. Courses*
  3. Programs*

*Courses audited are not IRIA courses. They are courses that are owned, managed or represented by the applying party.

IRIA Audits are a planned, independent and documented assessment to determine whether agreed-upon requirements are met by a certifying body (CB) as either, a second party IRIA member relationship,  or as a fully independent non-affiliated third party audit.

The purpose of the witness audit is to verify that the CB or applicant’s certification system/program is effectively implemented by witnessing their performance of a certification in a surveillance audit (for currently accredited CB’s) at the CB client’s premises. Assessors witness randomly selected examinations and sample the certification process for each certification scheme.  The scope is normally conducted to examine the total quality program effectiveness and implementation.  An appraisal is conducted and reported to the highest level of management.