Public Awareness Announcement

Reference:   Use of the acronym “IRIA” Trade Name by Unauthorized Organizations and Websites

International Rescue Instructors Association (, formerly known as the International Rescue Instructors Alliance,  owns and licenses numerous Trademarks™, Copyrights©, and Registered Trademark® which includes the acronym “IRIA” and is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, for the exclusive use by its membership.

IRIA began to operate formally in 1999, based on the work started in 1995 by Canadian and American rescue and safety instructors, including Jim Segerstrom, who passed away in 2007, (USA), and Jim Lavalley, (Canada), who is recognized as an international court subject-matter expert in Swiftwater.

The acronym “IRIA” was created by the founding members of the International Rescue Instructors Association, and one can trace the acronym creation and use back to 1984 when Rescue Instructors Association (RIA) was created.

It has come to IRIA’s attention that organizations and websites have and are using a domain name similar to the brand name but have a slight difference.  Particularly of concern are organizations and websites based in Asia and Taiwan, where the acronym “IRIA” is being used with a slight change in one character thus looks striking similar to the original

The organization(s) called “IRIA-ASIA.ORG” and “IRIA-ADVISER.ORG”, “IRIA-US.COM”, are using the acronym “IRIA” in their name, logos or merchandise which implies it has, or had a connection with the International Rescue Instructors Association.  The description of these organization(s) is a direct copy of IRIA’s history, its founder’s story and materials verbatim.

For the record, the organizations calling themselves, IRIA-ASIA.ORG, IRIA-ADVISER.ORG and IRIA-US.COM are not members nor have an affiliation and relationship with the International Rescue Instructors Association.

There is only one original; it’s the International Rescue Instructors Association.

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Michael Stegemann
Managing Director