Accredited Courses & Instructors

International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) qualified instructors list are subject to international privacy laws. Due to these new laws that went into affect in January of 2020, we do not supply these individual names. They are however available upon written request.

2020 Approved course providers listed below have had their company or agency training program(s) audited by an IRIA Assessor. Courses are approved on an annual basis for risk management compliance and policy measures according to International Standards (IS).

Successful course – program approval entitles the use of the following for course promotional materials:

1.  Social media use of the IRIA brand logos

2.  Use of IRIA Badge specific course approval on their qualified student Identification cards.

3. IRIA badge of course approval for their certificates

4. Use of IRIA mark (logo) on company or agency website

5. IRIA Risk Management Matrix® and terms and conditions of use.

Note: IRIA is not responsible for these course providers curricula or student records


If you have any questions regarding Course Providers for the year 2020 please contact us with your specific requests.


Rescue Canada

Unit 103 – 8364 Young Road South

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Canada, V2P 4N9

Toll Free: 1-800-663-8931

Fax:  604 – 392-9056

  1. Swift Water-Flood
  2. Helicopter
  3. Ice Rescue
  4. Rope
  5. Boat
  6. E-Learning Suite


Tandem Rescate

Sector Noroeste S/N, Futaleufu

Prov. Palena, X Región, Chile

Celular: +56974638464

Mitchell L. Sasser – Managing Director/Master Instructor


  1. Swift Water-Flood
  2. Vertical Rescue
  3. Boat Rescue
  4. River Navigation
  5. E-Learning – Swift Water course
  6. Night Operations