The International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) welcomes legitimate complaints in the spirit of goodwill on behalf of the International Water Safety and Rescue Society and IRIA membership.

A proper investigation will be conducted based on accusations that are delivered with the required supporting evidence as proof of assurance.

FILE A COMPLAINT: Supporting evidence must be supplied to IRIA by the complainant as outlined below.

  • Formal letter of inquiry to IRIA stating the nature of the complaint
  • Provide factual evidence of the concerns date, locations, incident.

Format: PDF, word docx, jpeg, links, documents, vídeos, etc.

  • Notification of the complaint-what are the concerns, is it fraud, safety, negligence or other
  • Damages or Concerns of the complaint directed toward the complainant or community

IRIA will not accept complaints that are based upon personal grievance, gossip, innuendo and hearsay. 

In good faith, IRIA will conduct a fair and impartial investigation of the facts based off of policy.  IRIA must determine if claims are false or honorable through this process of accountability. This is the beginning of the Three Strikes Policy process.

Once the Three Strikes Policy is completed by all the processes therein; the case will be formally closed and all parties notified as such.  Notices will remain for a pre-determined probationary period.

If IRIA discovers that the accused wrongdoer is not honorable during or after the investigation has completed the case will remain open until all amends are remediated as outlined in the Three Strikes Policy. 

IRIA determines that honesty, ethical behaviors and accountability are the values instilled in the society and it’s membership, and not the endorsement, support or encouragement of a misguided or disingenuous example of what is wrong in humanity. 

IRIA encourages all participants to be fair and just, be held responsible to safety values, morals and ethics as a representative of the collective good.


Society- a community, or broad grouping of people having common standards, institutions, and collective activities and interests

Complainant-The party who complains

Assurance-The state of being assured

Honorable-Deserving of respect or high regard

Legitimate- being exactly as intended or presentedneither spurious nor false

Factual-Restricted to or based on fact

Investigation- to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry

Accusation-a charge of wrong doing

Wrongdoer-one that does wrong or transgresses moral laws

Resourced excerpts: Merriam-Webster dictionary