Our vision is simple; we evaluate rescue Instructor’s and program management competency.

Where ‘Lessons Learned’ are not achieved from ‘Lives Lost’; but derived from Effective Standards, Training, Ethics and Commitment.

We aim to be the best partner any instructor ever hoped for.


Provide superior quality instructor and program support worldwide.

Connecting Instructors and Partners with a modern framework of success, community, respect and honor.

Based on evidential science that is purposeful to the instructor and their students.


Service – Integrity – Accountability


Professional Advisers Determine Student Success

Swiftwater training, BC, Canada

The IRIA is an inclusive, application based, standards, certification and accreditation body that designs, develops and delivers proven, professional, meaningful, applicable, defensible and common-sense-driven services to individuals in the occupational safety and public safety worlds.

The foundations of the IRIA’s services are based on a researched, quantified and fact / evidence based information that has been developed into international body of knowledge by court recognized, subject matter experts into simple, meaningful, applicable Standards.  This ensures that its services unconditionally support all the IRIA stakeholders

IRIA Goals

  • Develop a quantified, Risk Based Standards System, using ISO protocols that support and can integrate with other regional, national and industry standards
  • Support and enhance the professionalism of instructors and participating bodies such as agencies and entities
  • Implement a process approach to quality management systems thereby insuring the IRIA is at the cutting edge of subject matter disciplines
  • Implement robust document and records management principles to insure transparency and accountability.
  • Be fully accessible to any country in the world to any individual and/or agency that has access to the internet to the IRIA data bases within.
  • Expand the membership, subject matter expertise and operational areas of the IRIA.
  • Reduce/eliminate liability to bodies and instructors by ensuring quality managements principles are adhered to.