Who can be a member of the International Rescue Instructors Association?

We have memberships available for a variety of people, ranging from professional rescue personnel program managers and current educational instructors operating in the Water Safety community.

IRIA offers membership to water safety professionals and companies that are not IRIA certified. These membership values do not endorse these members as qualified Instructors, nor Course Approvals, but are welcome and can enjoy our mentorship benefits.

How do I begin the process for Instructor Candidate selection?

International Rescue Instructors Association has a registration kit that is sent out for confirmed instructors who want to apply.

First, candidates need to send a copy of their current Instructor qualification records to begin the interview process.

How do I begin with the Course qualification selection process?

Contact IRIA and we will send you out a request form.

Does IRIA promote businesses or sell equipment?

It is not IRIA’s role to promote businesses or sell equipment. IRIA is not an approved scientific laboratory so IRIA does not certify equipment for safety. However, IRIA will share accredited members social media posts on occasion to the official IRIA page along with news and IRIA updates. These may include equipment, courses, tips or whatever they choose to post on their respective company page.  IRIA does not receive advertising funding to promote companies. Our role is to verify the course provider curriculum and some companies choose to sell equipment and courses through social media outlets.  There may be supporting memberships that we also share their respective posts. These should be referenced by viewers as ‘members reposts’. We hope you will support their efforts as we do!

Is IRIA a service provider for courses in water and rescue disciplines?

No. IRIA is not a training skill provider to certify others in a specific discipline.  IRIA can recommend any of our verified course providers for your personal course selection.  As a customer of these companies you do so at your own volition and risk. Service providers supply their own course for student cadre and a few may have instructor training courses available.

IRIA does provide general members mentorship courses and training programs for qualified instructor members as part of their qualification process.

What countries does IRIA reach?

IRIA is an international not for profit member association.  We work with professionals in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Do I need to be an instructor to be verified by IRIA?

Yes, you need to be a current instructor who is in good standing representing the discipline professionally. IRIA is not a ‘train the trainer’ nor does IRIA supply instructors a curricula to teach.

What will IRIA do for me as an instructor or course provider?

IRIA provides a third-party assessor and auditor program fielded ty the world’s greatest experts and Subject Matter Experts and industry pioneers. The successful completion of either an assessment or audit verify the curricula and in-person training skills of an instructor as being safe and sound. The coveted IRIA Quality of Assurance Mark is a sign of a trusted, professional and competent curriculum or instructor who abides by national and international standards.

Conformity marks and risk badges will be licensed to the accredited members for their programs, marketing, branding and course documents during their membership period.

How long does my IRIA membership last?

Memberships are maintained annually by paying the respective fee

How long does my IRIA course validation last?

The validation process is a period of 3 years from issue and expires on its anniversary date. These can be reapplied for as needed and we suggest a 6 month lead time prior to expiration for your curricula or program review.

How long does the IRIA Instructor validation last?

IRIA instructor membership is an annual fee. Instructor assessment, developmental courses or in-person audit is determined by a 3 year process, with additional annual reviews for compliance. One of the program requirements is accident reporting and annual review and continual professional development.

Can an IRIA approved instructor qualify me for IRIA instructor status?

No. Only IRIA can verify instructors either through an assessment or in-person. IRIA verified instructors do not have the authority nor the wherewithal to do this and do not represent the IRIA verification process. IRIA has a qualification process with an application interview that takes place first. This is a formal professional scrutiny process. IRIA assigns a scrutineer to each approved instructor review process. You cannot contact any person outside of IRIA to seek verification. Please consider this to be an act of misrepresentation, academic dishonesty or fraud if a person says they can offer this. Contact IRIA if you want to file a complaint against anyone offering this as a service through their company.