Three Strikes Policy

The International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) Three Strikes Policy may in fact be the most important document in the International Water Safety and Rescue Society to date.   There is a war of honesty vs dishonesty in our culture and it’s growing worldwide exponentially. 

IRIA is here to protect stakeholders and to reconcile the offenders or abolish their participation due to misconduct or public health and safety concerns based on a case-by-case investigation. 

Academic dishonesty and theft are a global human pandemic. Remediation ethics are the only measure to practice healing, resolution and correction.

Otherwise these problems will exacerbate and grow. Lives are at stake.  It is our collective duty to stand for that which is right and create meaning and purpose within the society and to resist corruption, counterfeit, fraud and theft. 

The process of the Three Strikes Policy is unbiased in judgement and based on facts and the merit and accountability of the offender(s) role.

The types of offenses are:

1.  Allocation of intellectual property of service providers such as training videos, manuals, handouts, workbooks or other materials used for teaching or program development. For the purpose to redistribute, use and create pirated programs or training solutions without expressed written consent by the original content owner(s)

2. Business theft: identity, likeness, logos, marks, name, image;

3. Counterfeit of signature or identity;

4.  Identity theft; and

5.  Academic dishonesty; cheating on exams, falsifying records and misrepresenting identity role and levels.


Life is a spiritual and maturity expansion of growth and behavioral advances. It is the balance between our shadow and our light.  This is a difficult journey we face individually and professionally.

Unconditional love and forgiveness of our brothers and sisters is the way of the peaceful protector’s path in life or the obverse is a continual regeneration of destruction.  This destruction can be passed down through the hierarchy of a program, instructor or its student cadre.

Carrying the sword of justice and knowing when to sheath that balancing sword and release it is based on critical review and peer evaluation. However, forgiveness does not always mean the perpetrator(s) continue as participants within the society. They may face exclusion if willful negligence or corruption continues.

Violation of the Three Strikes Policy will result in public notifications and revocation requests of certifications in their name and care. Potential alerts may be issued if contact measures are ignored: publication of the offender’s identity and recommendation of academic dishonesty and untrustworthy individual/groups unwelcome within the water safety and rescue society due to potential harm.

This includes but is not limited to; economic warning, equipment damage, reputation damage to teams or the public, health and safety risk, potential to cause injury or death as part of the public notification process.


Facing deception and lies is an individual responsibility.  IRIA and its stakeholders’ value and seek balance in our water safety and rescue society.

Offending party or parties will be identified in a three-step process under guidance of a review committee.

Three Strikes Policy

1.  Process engaged of confronting the errors of the offending party / parties and the specifics thereof post investigation and notification;

2. Process of evaluation of the offending party / parties’ own actions and admissions and remedial actions with direct communication of the process requirements, fulfilled; and

3. Process of Probationary counseling and behavioral observations documented for resolution of the terms and conditions thereof.

This process requires monitoring and evaluation of the offending party. Decisions made by a committed group of professionals who mediate each step of the reconciliation process will be served on notice. 

The goal is to stop individual, agency and community fragmentation from a lack of unity and enforcement of conformity and standards for public health and safety.

The fundamental danger is that by ignoring the level of fraud, counterfeit and academic dishonesty – that willful neglect will become unstainable worldwide. Catastrophic events will unfold outwardly in the society. People will be killed, equipment lost, lives ruined and damages to reputation and identity will result.

Collectively we can prevent this through academic and professional honesty by mentoring outward the lasting benefits of standards that provide the measure of support needed for success.


Three Strikes Policy is firmly enforced. The offending party or an ongoing manipulation or deceit will be exposed and blocked from the water safety and rescue society.

The door of change is to not criticize and condemn but to offer the party / parties support but to not be manipulated by the measures. We are here to help, but not be abused, and we won’t allow it. 

This warning is not to be taken lightly


No entity or individual can ‘self’ certify themselves.  Recreational mavens and mavericks drive the change of industry, equipment design and safety.  Industry adapts, adopts and incorporates these pioneers sacrificed, lessons learned and accepted by the society.


Accreditation- to recognize as maintaining standards that qualify the graduates for admission to higher or more specialized institutions or for professional practice

Culture – the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization

Fraud- an act of deceiving or misrepresenting

Ethics – a set of moral principlesa theory or system of moral values

Integrity– firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values INCORRUPTIBILITY

Society-a voluntary association of individuals for common ends

Reconcile-to account for

Corruption– a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

Probation- the action of suspending the sentence of a convicted offender and giving the offender freedom during good behavior under the supervision of a probation directorship

Responsibility- the quality or state of being responsible: such as moral, legal, or mental accountability

Referenced: Merriam -Webster dictionary

Date: 8.19.2020

Approved by: Executive Board

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