Advisory Board Members

Matthew Cuccaro

Matthew Cuccaro is a 20 year veteran of instructing Swiftwater, Boat and Ice rescue programs.  He’s a coach in a variety of sports and has an esteemed career in outdoor education. One of his specialties is paddling focusing on whitewater canoeing.

Lars Fossum

Lars Fossum is a competitive athlete who migrated to the training side many years ago.  He is a Firefighter and rescue diver and teaches a variety of training courses.  His specialty is Swiftwater and ice rescue and he teaches Rescue Water Craft operations in riverine environments.

Paul Fraser III

Paul Fraser III, is a sub and above surface instructor. His specialties are SCUBA and power boat training, which focuses on swiftwater and disaster response. He works extensively as a safety expert for the film industry.  He is a program developer and has extensive knowledge in the rescue field.

Motto: ‘Never Quit’

Adam Laurie

Adam Laurie is a multi-faceted instructor specializing in Swfitwater, Boat, Helicopter, Winter and Rope courses.  Throughout his journey he has developed his skills working with whitewater kayaking, guiding rafts, and operating a variety of vessels; from water jet, propeller drive and Rescue Water Craft. Current experiences include pack rafting.

James Rodger

James Rodger is responsible for raft guide training and instructing in Swiftwater riverine environments. He has an intensive knowledge base and is currently working on his Masters of Leadership focusing on gender participation within the Swiftwater Community.  Raft guiding is part of his vast pedigree.

Mitch Sasser

Mitch Sasser has been an outdoor guide and Adventure Tourism consultant for over 20 years. Mitch works the rivers in the Northern Patagonia region of Chile. Mitch began teaching Switftwater Rescue in the United States desert regions of New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Colorado. He is a second generation instructor and an international asset for program development. Mitch lives the mission of safety on the water, and you will often hear from him ‘Get on the River and Train!’.



Board of Directors

Jim LaValley


Michael Stegemann

Managing Director