Formal Apology


Dear Mr. Ye Tai Hsin, (Peter Yeh)


Update: THIS DOES NOT Excuse the Fake IRIA-ASIA from the business theft. Due to misunderstandings of this apology IRIA wants all readers to be very clear that this apology does not excuse nor release Ye Tai Hsin and his associates from the business fraud conducted against IRIA of these fraud companies:


It merely admits there are 2 frauds, one (IRIA-ASIA / Adviser) Ye Tai Hsin and the other is Peter Niland and his instructors (IRIA-US)

Chongqing Ark Search and Rescue Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gaotang Street Court Road, WushanCounty, Chongqing

Instructor: Gong Hui (R4-CN0011)
Course Director: Fan Kailin (R5-CN02)
Course Supervisor: Zhang Youtong (Rr-CN0001)

Do not be confused, this is not a dismissal of both parties counterfeit. IRIA is an honorable organization and represents ethics. IRIA will not act or behave in any dishonest manner:


The International Rescue Instructors Association known by its acronym IRIA requested on February 9, 2020 a cease and desist notice regarding your unauthorized trademark use of IRIA.

On August 11, of 2020 contact was made with your person and remedial actions began taking place to return to IRIA its namesake, likeness and image. 

However, it has been determined through this process another problem existed unbeknownst to IRIA.

IRIA had listed you as the holder of the IRIA-US trademarks and website. This was not true and was erroneously attributed to you.

This was due to a confusion and lack of understanding of the Chinese language. 

During discussion with you and a second investigative process it was determined that another party is responsible for this particular business theft regarding the International Rescue Instructors Association.

Therefore, the International Rescue Instructors Association would like to issue a formal apology on behalf of this accusation and we hope that you will accept this invitation of apology.

IRIA looks forward to continuing the remedial actions that began with you on August 11th.

We sincerely thank you and look forward to closing this matter.

Michael Stegemann

Executive Director

International Rescue Instructors Association